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ADA/Code Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Building Codes are written to help make buildings safer and more convenient for all users. For architects and building owners, following the prescriptions in these documents is not just good design practice, it is the law. In our university work, compliance with the ADA, NJ Barrier Free Subcode, and the NJ Fire Safety Code often figures prominently. We have a thorough knowledge of these documents and can help clients improve the accessibility and safety of their facilities.

ADA/NJ Barrier Free Subcode

Gittings Associates Architects has the proven expertise to help owners navigate through the complex and sometimes contradictory accessibility regulations. While our staff has a thorough technical knowledge of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines and ANSI A117.1 (the national accessibility standard), we also are sensitive to the “real-world” experience of disabled people. In other words, we strive to meet the requirements of the law as well as approach design problems from the point of view of the users.

We can prepare accessibility studies of existing conditions to help owners identify problems with non-compliance. In addition, we can prepare construction documents and work closely with contractors to make improvements to the non-compliant areas. Special care is taken to achieve compliance in a cost-effective manner, with as little disruption to the facility as possible.

NJ Fire Safety Code

Gittings Associates Architects often works on projects in older buildings to achieve compliance with the New Jersey Fire Safety Code. This code is designed to bring older buildings to an acceptable level of safety where compliance with current building codes would be extremely expensive. We often work with mechanical engineers on these projects.