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Open for Golf

 With just a few details to be finished, the renovation and addition to the Mendham Golf and Tennis Clubhouse is nearly complete. 

The three gable additions provide additional seating for the Great Room as well as a large outdoor covered patio area.


Expansive views of the golf course are visible from the covered seating area.


Mendham Golf Club Under Construction

Construction continues on the renovation and addition to the Mendham Golf and Tennis Clubhouse. The shell is completed and trim and finishes are being added. Even during construction, the renovations make a huge improvement to the building!

Stonecrest Community Church Nears Completion

Phases I & II of Stonecrest Community Church are nearly complete. Phase I, finished last year, renovated the Upper Level of a former office and factory building into spaces for worship and church offices. Phase II involved the renovation of the Lower Level into spaces for the children's and youth ministries. The building does not look or function as a traditional church; flexible, open spaces allow for a range of uses.


Columbus Baptist Church Phase I Completed

Construction of Phase I of Columbus Baptist Church was recently completed. The building houses a large multipurpose worship space, classrooms, and meeting rooms. The structure is a pre-engineered steel frame, a system which often creates simple, boxy, metal-clad buildings with very little daylighting. Our design integrates the church's unique functional requirements into the pre-engineered structure, allowing for a variety of volumes, materials, and window openings. The design also allows for future expansion of the church.

Mendham Golf Club

Gittings Associates has been hired to design an expansion to the clubhouse at Mendham Golf and Tennis Club in Mendham, NJ. The project will add additional indoor and outdoor seating as well as an improved exterior image for the building.